Jeni Parkinson

Jeni Parkinson is new to the firm but has been working within Kenosha County’s social service system for 16+ years working with individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis. Jeni brings experience in understanding the frontlines of working with people who receive Medicaid benefits and how the services our county offers bring assistance to individuals and families with a variety of needs.

Specific Experience:

  • Knowledgeable about DHS statutes that drive programming
  • Day to day fiscal related tasks for Medicaid programs, including CSP, Crisis, TCM, CCS, PNCC, CLTS and Birth to 3
  • Completes claim processing for many human service Medicaid programs
  • Researches rejected and denied claims to ensure appropriate reimbursement
  • Communicates with Kenosha contracted agency staff about quality improvement to Medicaid programs
  • Communicates with State staff
  • Provides a bridge to ensure the understanding of the importance of fiscal implications and programming

Industry Involvement:

  • Previously employed with Kenosha Human Development Services-Crisis Intervention
    • Front-line program experience with Adult Crisis, Chapter 51, KARE Center and Crisis Case Management
    • Program Manager for Court Services and On-Call Crisis Supervision


  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Certificates (minor) in Music

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